Education About Shared Health App

Education About Shared Health App

The Shared Health App is a new way for you to access your prescription and pharmacy services. The app provides a secure connection between you, your health care providers and the pharmacies that serve you.

Explain what the Shared Health App is.

The Shared Health App is a new way to access your health information, including lab results, radiology images and other important documents. The app also allows you to see your doctor’s notes about your care.

To use the Shared Health App:

Download the free app from the Apple Store or Google Play store. You will need an active internet connection or cellular data service in order to download and install this application.

Use one of these options: type “Shared Health” into either search engine; click on one of our ShareHealth links on our website; or call 573-884-9000 and select option 3 if prompted by the automated attendant. From there follow the prompts for patient registration.

Click on My Profile at the bottom left corner of any page within ShareHealth Works! This will display all of your personal accounts so that they can be edited and updated at any time without having to contact us again!

Why is the shared health app important.

The shared health app is a free mobile app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet. It’s easy to use, and it saves you time and money.

The shared health app allows you to:

Manage your prescriptions, including getting new prescriptions, changing current prescriptions and reordering medications.

View information about your pharmacy orders so that you know what has been prescribed for you by your doctor or pharmacist.

Send messages directly to us if anything needs attention urgently (such as a missed dose).

What information will be available in the Shared Health App?

Prescription history

The app shows you your prescription history, so you can see the name of each medication, its dosage and schedule, and when it was last refilled. If you have allergies or other adverse reactions to specific medications, this feature will come in handy when communicating with your doctor.

Medication refills

You can use the shared health app to request prescription refills online or via text message. This feature is especially useful if you’re traveling out of town and want to make sure that someone at home will be able to pick up anything that needs picking up once they arrive back home!

The app also allows you to set reminders for your medications. This feature can help you remember when it’s time for a refill or if there are any changes in your schedule that might impact when you take your medications.

How To Use Shared Health App

To start using Shared Health App, you can either download the app from your mobile device’s app store or visit on your computer.

After you’ve installed and opened the app, you’ll be asked to create an account. First, enter your name and email address in the appropriate fields, then tap or click Next. You will receive a verification code via text message (if you have texting enabled) or email that must be entered before proceeding to next step; once it’s been entered correctly, tap or click Next again. Enter a password (make sure it has at least 8 characters), then tap or click Next again twice until you’re taken back to your home screen where all of your prescription medications will be displayed as icons below their corresponding medication names with refill dates listed under each icon if they have one scheduled at this time; also shown on this page are pharmacy rewards points earned from purchasing prescriptions through this portal as well as any photos added by a patient during checkout process which may include pictures of pill bottles for those who need assistance identifying which pills go where since not all pills look alike even though they might contain similar ingredients!

The Shared Health App provides a secure way.

The Shared Health App is a secure way for you to access your prescription and pharmacy services. It provides a mobile app with the following benefits:

  • View your prescriptions
  • View your pharmacy history
  • View your prescription status
  • Order refills on medications that have been prescribed by a health care provider or physician.


The Shared Health App is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to manage your prescription and pharmacy services from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. By providing access to the app, we hope that you will be able to save time and money by managing your medications from wherever you are.